Indie and the Buzzwords

Let me start by saying – Indie is not a genre. It never has been and it never will be because that’s just how it fucking is. The fact that there are hundreds of shitty “Indie” bands out there who all sound the same is insulting to the independent music world and should all be killed in the most inhumanely way possible. The fact of it is, independant music technically ceases to be independant once it signs itself to a major label – but it doesn’t always mean they cease to be good – that happens a lot, but in few cases you get lucky.

A famous example is with The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols. When the Warhols signed to Capitol, Anton flew off the wall. I think, deep down, he wanted them to get success without having to feel the need to help the music industry out anymore. A strange twist of fate occured, however, as The Dandy Warhols are pop and the luxury of achieving some mainstream successes and the film DiG! ultimately led to Anton and the BJTM becoming better known across the globe.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Anyway – we’re focussing on Australian indie for the time being and it goes without saying that the indie genre explosion has only been a mainstream phenomenon. A hype fest. It’s something that has existed for years on the fringes and has only now been thrust into the spotlight and the unfortunate circumstance lies within that light. It’s a circle, and it has to be shined in the right direction – but it hasn’t, instead it’s happened all over again. A market has been exploited by the soulless hacks who work in the confines of an office space with little understanding of the consequences from the cogs they’re turning for the money machine – or worse, they do and they perpetuate it acting as satans little helpers.

Bands such as MGMT, Kings of Leon and Cold War Kids are being pushed like Coca Cola in summer as indie music. Well, you know, maybe it’s just the fucking music journalists out there who started getting lazy with coining terms to start labelling something under. They’ve used up everything they could and are too lazy or scared to break the mould, so hey, why the fuck not – let’s use a term that actually contradicts itself and stamp it on some bands that don’t fucking deserve to be categorized with the original ideals from which it came and allow them to run amok under this new faux meaning. It’s perfect. It’s safe. It’s FUCKING LIES!

monoculture_129265On the fringe, the fog isn’t so thick. The independant music world is still existant, operating parallel to its faux counterpart, its bursting with emotion and for the most part, doesn’t want to be shoved in peoples faces because it’s not arrogant enough and/or have rejected potential audiences based on their moral standing. It’s visible, but you need the right kind of eyes. The kind of eyes are those that are open. It’s a privilige – not a right to see beyond. Don’t forget that, because those of you who appreciate musics value beyond that of how over produced or popular it is know full well how lucky you are and in this world it’s very easy to lose yourself. Well don’t, because we fucking need you now more than ever. We have to crush this big, ugly, swirling diseased monster and ignorance will not prevail. The tiny decisions you make affect things on a grander scale and if you take a good hard look around, you’ll see that the lack of mindful decisions has led us to this mono-cultured mall world we currently reside in.

If you refer to Mr Iscariots’ article on Nunchukka Superfly, you will read about a wonderful independant band that has not been plastered all over the street press like hacks like The Veronicas. Ray works at Utopia and is also in another band called The Hard Ons. Their music is atleast 10 times better than anything the major labels have offered us and yet, what the fuck? Is it going to be like this EVERY FUCKING TIME a new buzzword blows across the street? The fringe operators start getting praised for being the true kings and main influences in a genre that never really existed in the first place…whatever. There’s no substitute for knowing yourself, and if you know how to correctly label a band, then that’s awesome and I’m glad to have you as a reader because I don’t want to have to be spelling out basic shit for you.

So I’ve done some extra reading on Australian Indie Rock/Pop and according to these articles, AIR is stepping up. All I can think, however, is where are the steps for bands like Nunchukka, Laughing Clowns, and Coda? Simple answer – it just doesn’t exist. There’s all this hype about how AIR is progressing but if you look at it – the majority of them absolutely SUCK. They’re going on about how it’s all about creating new sound and being dynamic, but that doesn’t matter if you’ve got no fucking heart, so it kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? Music isn’t just about finding some new fucking sound, it’s about exploring the sounds within and without you – as cliche as that may be. Who fucking cares if you’re using a glockenspiel or a large hammer banging on a fucking poodle – you’re still creating something that’s essentially lifeless and I gotta say, most of the Indie Rock / Pop – whatever – I hear in general is just like that anyway. AIR is no different. Bands like Mercy Arms are no different.

Mercy Arms

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who really love music and most of them don’t even fucking like this Indie thing. Since it’s been categorized there’s this gigantic flood of adolescent douche bags trying to find their place in it and it just doesn’t work. We’re all waiting for it to end. Who are these fuckers who are keeping it going? Where are they? I’ve got a good 30+ people who want you to shut up and will pay good money for you to shut the fuck up. Expose yourselves, please – we just want good music in the spotlight and we don’t want it tainted with another fucking genre based package you can sell at Woolworths.

I’d love to mention some other – other than Mercy Arms who suck, might I add – Australian indie bands that are pathetic and deserve to be destroyed, but I’m too scared to say their names, fearing their demon spawn to come running in to eat my skin and bathe in my blood. I will, however, list some good indie bands – not part of the “genre” and less “in” with the faux scene. Riff Random. Cats Crash. Coda. Nunchukka Superfly. The Hard Ons. Ghosts of Television. Grey Daturas. Warhorse. Crux. Day Of The Meerkat. Fangs Of…

Day Of The Meerkat

Do you know what I’m saying or am I just wasting words? Is it just me? Am I the only fucking one? It just doesn’t hit home for me when I see how conservative and filtered the majority of Australians tend to allow the music to be. I can’t believe a country so advanced in this world can be so fucking lazy about it; then I remember, it’s Australia. She’ll be right. Well, fuck no she won’t be right ok? There’s a whole culture being smothered by dinosaurs shit and they just won’t fucking die. Stay vigilant fellow humans – they’re always trying to snag you.

Goodnight people.

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